Sending your child off to college or finding a place for them to stay can be extremely stressful? Will they succeed not leaving on campus? Will they have all the resources they need for school? Will they be comfortable? There are so many questions that could be running through your head. The Row at Mo is here to relieve some of the worry.

Living at The Row at Mo, your student will be just four short miles away from the University of Missouri. They will be so close to campus that it will be as if they were really there. So close, you won't need to purchase a parking permit from the university. Your student will never be late to class. They could roll out of bed and be at school within minutes. Our community shuttle is also available to drop off and pick up your student from campus. Our convenient location is just one reason why The Row at Mo is the perfect home for your child during their college years.

We understand that for a student, moving away to college is just as stressful for them as it is for you. It can be overwhelming thinking of how you are going to manage a school and social life. Our property was specifically designed for students. We know that college is hard work and requires a lot of effort and materials to succeed. Here, we try to make it as easy and comfortable for students to go through college stress-free. Private study rooms are available for students who work better alone in the quiet without any distractions. Roommate matching is also available for students looking to be paired with the best possible college roomie and study buddy. Slow wifi? Not here. Our property offers high-speed internet access so that students will never have to worry about a slow connection again. Or if your student just needs a break from their studies to relieve a little stress and take time to regather themselves after a long night of schoolwork, our student lounge is available to them at all times.

What about if your student has a problem and you're not there? Who is going to help them? We are. Our professional onsite staff is available for all your students needs. Whether they have a maintenance request, questions about our community, our staff is here to assist in the best and fastest way that we can. With your child living at The Row at Mo, you will have a peace of mind knowing that our property was built to set them up for success as well as making their college life a comfortable one. So sit back and relax, knowing that your child is in good hands.

For any questions or further information, please feel free to contact us. We want our parents taken care of just as much as our students. We are here to help!