- Living at The Row at Mo -

Is The Row at Mo currently leasing?

Yes, we are now leasing.

How can I pay online to reserve an apartment for myself or my student?

Yes, we are currently accepting reservations and applications. For more information on how to reserve an apartment, please call us or send us a message in our contact form or fill out an application today!

What are your floor plans and rates?

Please head over to our Floor Plans page for more information.

What utilities do I need to set up?

For more information on utilities, please call us or send us a message in our contact form contact.

What's around your community and school?

Learn more about our neighborhood.

Although we know that no one can guarantee complete and total safety, what security measures have you taken to limit possible dangers?

To ensure that you or your child is safe our onsite staff and security patrol our property. In case of emergency, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are in every apartment. Our parking lots are well-lit tor students taking late night courses. We also off 24-hr. emergency maintenance to our residents. It is required that every tenant carry renter’s insurance. This is an inexpensive way to protect your personal belongings in case of accidents or other mishaps. Tenants should report any unsafe conditions or problems to The Row at Mo staff immediately. 

Can I get renter's insurance through The Row?

Yes, we provide a renter's insurance policy for $14.50 per month. For more information and policy guidelines, please contact our office.